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December 2013

Why do you want to record (part 2)?

Recording studio cost

So you may have read part 1 of this recording studio blog over on Machiavellis Guide. If not, you should go check it out before you read on: http://www.supajam.com/blog/article/Bands-Never-Mind-the-Bollocks-why-ar.... In the first part of this blog, I suggested that before you book time at a recording studio you should consider what it is you want to achieve. What really is your objective for the recording?

Studiospares Headphone review

Audio Technika Headphone review

Recording studio headphone review: we were feeling a bit sniffy when we were first asked to review these closed back headphones from Studiospares. We run a pretty high end set up here and our gut feeling was that this budget offering wouldn't stand up to scrutiny. As a result, we decided we would throw them right in at the deep end and shoot them out against some of the top contenders on the market. What follows is our entirely subjective view on the outcome.

Recording Studio Life

Analogue console in Birmingham recording studio

There are some great things about recording studio life. But some things aren't so fun. Like when a 10 day recording session on a metal album finishes at 3am and you are exhausted and all you want to do is go home and die but you know you've got to clean the place up so it's shining like a new pin ready for the voice over for a children's programme coming in at 9am. Or cleaning the toilets. Or making tea all day long. But one of the most infuriating things is when bands or artists extract the urine. I guess that's what set me off on this rant over here: