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January 2014

Analog v Digital: why digital plug-ins make you stupid

Steven Slate microphone modelling: analog v digital

I realised today that using digital plug-ins in recording software when you are mixing records makes you stupid. Now this may seem like a bold assertion to anyone who read my earlier blog on the analog digital debate here: http://circlestudios.co.uk/blog/analogue-v-digital-where-did-it-all-begi.... But read on and you will understand why I think sound engineers and record producers should tread warily.

Acoustic Guitar Review: Tanglewood TW1000 Heritage Sundance

So today I had a Tanglewood TW1000 acoustic guitar here in the recording studio so I thought I'd do a little review. Apparently it's from their "Heritage Sundance" collection, which is one of the very top models in their range. At around a thousand pounds it's the kind of thing we might expect a good singer/songwriter on a modest budget to consider.

Machiavelli's Guide to the Music Industry

Recording studio blog

So almost a year ago I heard that a music industry website, Supajam, were looking for a recording studio engineer or record producer to write a regular music industry column for publication on their site. The idea was to provide an insight from behind the glass. Not just the obvious stuff about how to make a record, but insights into the thinking that goes in behind the scenes: how to develop bands, to help them to develop their own fan-base, and to talk about how important brand is to all of that...