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Recording Studios Birmingham: Control Room

Birmingham recording studios have a world class mix room? An analogue recording studio with an API mixing desk, a Neve sidecar, ATC main monitors, a Burl Mothership, Pro Tools HDX and a world class mix room right here in the Midlands of England? Look no further than Circle Recording Studios in Birmingham. Designed by world-leaders, Northward Acoustics, our control room may be the most accurate mix environment you have ever encountered. Three real reverb chambers, with a choice of bright, dark and mid-scooped reverb, provide a unique flavour for your project. We have an array of industry standard outboard gear from Urei and Teletronix, Manley and Retro. Our monitor chain is Crane Song Avocet and ATC.  Nearfields options include PSI A17s, Adam A7x, Avantone Mixcubes and Jarre Audioskulls.

Our API console has 40 microphone inputs and 48 channels at mix. Our Custom Neve sidecar, which was designed by Colin at AML has no less than eight Neve 1073s and two Neve 2254s and is entirely integrated with the console. In addition the console carries 16 x rare Avedis e27 EQs, 16 x API EQs, and 4 x Harrison EQs as well as an assortment of other units from Moog Delays and Dimension D chorus effects to Anamod's Fairchild compressor.

So when you are ready to take your recordings to the next level, or are looking for a top class studio to have the music you have recorded yourslf mixed, give Circle Recording Studios in Birmingham a call.