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Drum Recording Studio Birmingham England UK

Circle Recording Studios Birmingham England is the home to what one client called "every drum recording studio you'll ever need". We've modelled the place on the best studios in the world for recording drums and have four large free-standing and fully isolated live rooms with high ceilings and, in addition, one large booth which can be used for anything from recording vocals to recording drums. Every studio has a different vibe and sonic footprint.

Happily we seem to be entering a new era for the recording of music, and particularly for the recording of drums. Many bands have decided that they have had enough of recording in carpet-walled dead-sounding studios and the sample replacement and the 'vanilla' recordings that leaves them with. The movement towards organic and vibey recordings, created in great sounding rooms, using classic equipment by engineers that really know what they are doing had been largely forgotten about. And this new breed are increasingly finding their home at Circle Studios in Birmingham.

We've been wondering for a while how we can get across how incredibly diverse our studios sound. We are excited to say that Iain of www.individstudios.com recently recently did a video shoot for us so you can both hear and see the vibe in each of our rooms. exactly why we our studios sound so different. In each of the room clips below we used the same drum kit, the same drummer and the microphones, a pair of Coles 4038 ribbon mics were placed in a blumlein pattern exactly 12 feet in front of the kick drum. In the circumstances, other than the performance, every other variable is the same. This means the differences you can hear between rooms: the 'note' of the bass drum, the tone, 'thwack' and decay of the snare, and the reverb on the whole kit, is entirely down to the live room.

Whether you want the the vibe from Avatar Studios in New York, the intense reverb of the stone room at the Townhouse in London or the large rooms sound with the characteristic lack of early reflections like Studio 2 at Abbey Road,, we've got it covered.  The Youtube video below shows how we sent drums being recorded in the Big Room to a small PA in the Stone Room so that we could record that signature sound back into the session in real time (please note this is just an iphone video/recording):


Also, you can hear a sample of drum tracks recorded in the Big Room on our API console here in Birmingham over on our 'sound files' page.

Finally, ever wondered where sample companies get those fantastic punchy drums sounds with smooth natural reverbs? Well now you know. Our chief engineer has clients ranging from Yamaha to Samplephonics. And they all come here for one reason. Huge, solid, punchy drum sounds are us. So If you want to record in perhaps the best sounding studio for recording drums in England, then do yourself a favour... Come and check out Circle Studios in Birmingham England!