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Stone Room Recording Studio Birmingham England

Our stone room recording studio here in Birmingham England sounds amazing for recording vocals, drums and strings and pretty much anything else that needs an intense but short reverb on. Seven tonnes of rock, massive diffusion, a complete absence of parallel surfaces and angled ceilings 15 feet high combine to give this studio a short, intense yet diffuse reverb made up of a thousand early reflections. Tonally the room is slightly mid scooped: drums sound huge and strings sound airy. Perfect for recording backing vocals the sonic imprint of the room leaves a space right up the middle for your lead vocal.

The Townhouse Studio, where Phil Collins famously recorded "In The Air Tonight", may have gone but its spirit lives on at Circle Recording Studios: "bringing rock back to Birmingham!"

As an aside, as there are 24 tie lines to the control room and the Stone Room comes up on our patchbay it can, like all of our other rooms, be used as a real reverberation chamber during mixdown.

So come and check out our unique stone room recording studio in Birmingham England