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Recording Studios in Birmingham: Circle Music

Birmingham's Grammy-winning world class analogue music recording and mixing studio has a beautiful sounding piano, Pro Tools HDX and HD3, a 32 channel API console, a custom 8 channel Neve mixer sidecar, ATC main monitors and PSI & Adam nearfields, mics from Neumann & Telefunken, hardware by Neve, Teletronix & Urei, a pair of Abbey Road REDD 47 preamps and over 2000 square feet of acoustically excellent space? Everything, in fact, that even the most demanding professional might need. Surprised? Not if you have worked here already.

So what makes Birmingham's Circle Recording Studios one of the country's best? Foremost is the diversity of recording studios, designed by Northward Acoustics, on offer. Additionally the wealth of top class and well maintained, equipment (including a microphone list to die for), the creative vibe and the relaxed atmosphere make it a great studio to work in.  One client called it "the only recording studio you'll ever need."

But how do our recording studios sound? In addition to the Big Room which is unusual for its open sound, variable acoustics, short reverb and lack of early reflections, we offer the unique Stone Room with its mid-scooped vibe and short but extremely intense reverb, the Wooden Room with a longer darker reverb and the White Room with a long but bright reverb. You can hear some examples of the variety of sounds we can get and music we have done here over on our 'soundfiles' page, here: http://www.circlestudios.co.uk/soundfiles. Alternatively, watch the video footage on our "Recording Drums" page so that you can see and hear the difference a room makes for yourself! Find it here: http://www.circlestudios.co.uk/recordingdrums

With our producer Trev, a Grammy Award winning engineer and record producer who has written for A-list clients (and recently appeared on Sky News talking about the use of ear-worms in hit records) leading our team on composition production and engineering, photography & video services provided by Studio Shibui who are based right here in the studio complex, and the only dedicated mastering studio in the Midlands, run by Zikis Mastering, who can provide the final polish to your music project, we are in a unique position to take your project from conception right through to release.

Our most sophisticated clients, ranging from Manowar to The Enemy, from orchestras to singer songwriters, and from The BBC and ITV to Ripstone Games, know that to get an amazing sounding record, you really need an amazing sounding recording studio!   Whether you want to record voice over or piano music, guitar, strings or drums and whether your genre is bhangra, jazz or metal, this purpose built professional facility in Birmingham England should be at the top of your list of recording studios.