ABOUT OUR Recording Studio Complex


Circle Recording Studios is a high end commercial studio complex in the heart of Birmingham, England. Designed by the world renowned Northward Acoustics, the recording studio complex is defined by its contrasting high-ceilinged live rooms and vibey, yet acoustically flat, control rooms.

The Circle Recording Studios complex is home to not just one, but five recording studios:

  • Studio A boasts a large live room with a fully isolated yet spacious vocal booth, a hybrid API/Neve analogue console, soffit mounted ATC monitors, and a large range of microphones and outboard equipment (both vintage and modern);
  • Studio B has a unique 18 tonne stone diffuser and a vibey live room lined entirely with polished maple;
  • Studios C is our newest control room and is currently on long term let to an international film composer;
  • Studio D, previously home to Etch Music Composition and Zikis Mastering is currently undergoing significant renovation;
  • Studio E is a small writing and production room that will soon be available for long term let either with or without a vocal booth.

Since opening in 2009 Circle Recording Studios has played host to a number of significant artists and productions across all genres from Bastille and the Bruno Mars team to GBH, Henry Rollins, Mr Hudson, The Enemy and Manowar in addition to working on music for film, TV and Games (including recording a Grammy Winning album in 2015).

If you are ready to take your music to the next level checkout our various studios, all with different equipment choices and at different price points, under the relevant “studio” tab, above.


The Circle Recording Studios complex is the brain child of our Chief Engineer, Trevor Gibson who, having worked in some of the best recording studios across the world, in 2008 had decided to bring a recording studio complex with world class studio environments to Birmingham, England.

After speaking to a number of acousticians and visiting a number of recording studios to listen to the acoustics created by their designs, he appointed Thomas Jouanjean of Northward Acoustics in Belgium as acoustician for the project.

Thomas’s designs envisaged that every room in the recording studio would be fully floating, included the world class FTB control room in Studio A, and would incorporate design characteristics such as high ceilings, a spacious sounding live room entirely lined with wood and a unique 18 tonne diffuser made of river washed stone boulders.