Dave McCabe

Dave McCabe an audio engineer of many years standing recently became the first occupant of the newly renovated Recording Studio B. Until taking up the tenancy at Circle Recording Studios Dave had been Chief Engineer at Muthers Recording Studio for almost 20 years.

Studio B, with its unique 18 tonne audio diffuser designed by Northward Acoustics, in the control room and with one of the vibiest live rooms in the world, lined entirely with polished maple, boasting a 16 foot high ceiling and being entirely devoid of parallel surfaces, sounds like the perfect combination of Avatar Studios in New York and Sound City. Whether you play rock, punk or jazz, Dave’s experience together with the vibe in Recording Studio B in the Circle Studios complex will make it sound next level.


The 18-tonne stone diffusor was designed in 2008 by Thomas Jouanjean of Northward Acoustics in Belgium. It is made entirely of river washed stone boulders contained in metal gabions and covers one entire wall.

IDEAL for drum recording

The clever design techniques implemented by Northward Acoustics in Studio B live room together with the polished maple lining make for an amazing sound, particularly when recording drums. It is equally suitable to create great sounding full band recordings.

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