Trevor Gibson

Studio A is the jewel in the crown of the Circle Recording Studios complex and is the home to our Chief Engineer, Trevor Gibson. Trevor has been engineering since 1982, has worked with well known artists from across the world, and has recorded and mixed a range of music and dialogue for film, TV  and games including the 2015 Grammy winning “I Am Malala” elements of the critically acclaimed Bastille Reorchestrated documentary in 2021 (including the single “Warmth Reorchestrated”) and, more recently on Steve Knight’s latest TV production “Two Tone.”

Recording Studio A houses the biggest live room in the complex at around 29 feet long and 22 feet wide, with the ceiling being just under 18 feet tall at the highest point. At around 11,000 square feet with variable acoustic panels allowing us to substantially change both the tone and the reverb time of the room from dry and tight to large and roomy, we believe that Studio A “big room” is one of the best sounding recording soaces in the UK, whether you are a rock band, a string ensemble, or you want to record ADR in our  large but neutral vocal booth.

Studio A is an Aladdin’s cave of vintage and modern equipment ranging from a 40 channel custom API console modified by AML with the addition of 8 channels of their Neve 1073 modules, soffit-mounted ATC Main Monitors and Burl Mothership converters feeding a Protools HD system. Microphones include classics from Neumann, Telefunken, Coles and Royer. This all adds up to one of the best equipped recording studios in the UK.

Since opening, Recording Studio A has played host to artists ranging from Bruce Dickinson (who formally opened the studio complex), Bastille and Henry Rollins to Manowar, The Enemy, Hairy Bikers, Mr Hudson, Hang Massive, and Diamond Head in addition to a number of artists touring the UK, mainly from the US, who needed recording studio time during their tour.


The Big Room

at 11484 square feet with variable acoustic panels we believe the Studio A “big room” is one of the best sounding recording spaces in the U.K. whether you are a rock band or a string ensemble.

Control Room

designed by Northward Acoustics, the Studio A control room with its soffit mounted ATC monitors and it’s wide range of vintage and modern equipment may be the most balanced control rooms in the U.K.

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