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From Mixing Rock Music to Recording Orchestras

As recording engineers go, I guess I've always been a 'focus on what's coming' rather than a 'rest on past glories' type. So I hadn't even thought what my last 5 years in the recording studio might look like. The new facebook video feature made me review that. And looking back, I guess it has been pretty eventful. From working with Roger Nichols at Soundscape Studios in NYC to Michael Wagener in Wireworld Studios Nashville and from Pacifique Studios in LA to the hallowed corridors of Abbey Rd in London and back to Circle Recording Studios in Birmingham.

Recording Studio Life

Analogue console in Birmingham recording studio

There are some great things about recording studio life. But some things aren't so fun. Like when a 10 day recording session on a metal album finishes at 3am and you are exhausted and all you want to do is go home and die but you know you've got to clean the place up so it's shining like a new pin ready for the voice over for a children's programme coming in at 9am. Or cleaning the toilets. Or making tea all day long. But one of the most infuriating things is when bands or artists extract the urine. I guess that's what set me off on this rant over here:

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